The Mission

To promote the work of micro-loans in reducing poverty worldwide and empowering those in need, Capital to the Coast 2011 is pleased to be working with Kiva, one of the largest organizers of internet micro-loans.  In this simple way, you can play a part in helping somebody’s business flourish and lifting them out of poverty. 

How it works:

You go to Kiva.orgs website, and browse the entrepreneurs that are currently looking for loans.  Want to lend $25 to a Nicaraguan farmer in order to buy some more soybeans to expand his farm?  Done.  How about $25 to a Bangladeshi woman who is looking to buy a new sewing machine in order to triple her output?  Done.  Read the people’s stories, and find the project that you would like to help finance, with as much or as little money as you wish to lend.

Then, this money is sent from Kiva to a local micro-loan organization in the country where the entrepreneur is living.  The Nicaraguan farmer or Bangladeshi woman has a set term to repay the loan, usually from 6 - 12 months.  Once the money is repaid to the local organization, they send the money back to KivaThen, your account is credited with whatever you have lent.  Want to re-lend it to somebody else?  Do it!  Want to donate it to Kiva to help them maintain their non-profit organization?  You can do that too, and receive a tax receipt for it.  Or, if you’d like, you can just get your $25 back in your pocket once the loan is repaid.  The choice is yours.  If you can go without a little cash for a little while, it could make all the difference in the world to somebody.  With an overall repayment rate of 98.79% for all Kiva partners, and many of the local micro-loan organizations keeping repayment rates at 100%, nearly all loans are repaid.

Be sure to lend towards our Lending Team in order for the loan to be counted towards our goal of $1500.  After selecting the entrepreneur that you wish to donate to, you can search for the Lending Team that you want the loan to count towards.  Search for “Capital to the Coast 2011”, select it, and you are all set.  As the loans are made, the total will grow, and you can instantly track our progress. 

Or even simpler - just click here to be taken to our team page, or visit